Have questions about making your own wine?

You are not alone.
Here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions.

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What do I have to do?

Visit our store and we will help you select a wine best suited to your taste. As required by legislation, you must mix your kit and start the fermentation by adding the yeast. This is about a 10 minute process during which we will assist.
After that, we look after monitoring the fermentation, degassing stabilization and filtering your wine. This takes anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks after which you must return to the store and bottle your wine. Bottling usually takes about 30 minutes per batch.

Can I package my wine in disposable plastic bags?

Yes, we sell a very durable 6 litre disposable poly bag with spigot. We also carry a dispenser in which the disposable bags are interchangeable.

I make wine at home. Can I buy personalized labels?

Absolutely, 30 personalized labels are available for $4.99 plus tax.

Where and how should I store my wine?

After bottling, we recommend that you leave your bottles in the upright position for the first week. After that, they should be placed on their side for proper aging. The wines should be stored in a cooler place such as a basement. The ideal temperature is between 7 C and 13 C. You can store your wine as warm as 20 C but keep in mind it will age faster as the temperature is increased. The temperature should be constant with little to no fluctuation. Keep your wine in darkness. Sunlight and ultraviolet light will damage the wine over time. Minimize movement or agitation as it disturbs the ageing process.

I see the same type of wine e.g. Merlot advertised at different prices. Why?

Most of our wines are available in different sized kits. Although they all make 30 bottles, a Merlot for example, is available in a 7.5 liter juice kit, a 10 liter juice kit, a 15, 16 and 18 liter juice kit. As you move up in size, so does the intensity (body) and price proportionately.

How long can I store my wine?

Each wine is a little bit different in terms of shelf life. For example, fruit wines should be consumed within six months, while premium red wines can cellar up to three years. In general, our wines have a shorter shelf life than those sold commercially, as our wines contain a lower level of sulphite, which is a preservative added to wine.

What is the alcohol content?

The alcohol content is balanced to each wine. While on average it’s 12%, we do have some wines that finish significantly higher and some fruit wines that finish as low as 9%.

Do you do specialty wines?

Yes, we do a variety of fruit, port and ice wines. Unfortunately, we do not do carbonated sparkling wines.

What if I make a wine and I don’t like it?

We guarantee that you will love your wine.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes. We can customize a gift certificate for any dollar value or particular package.

What does the price include?

Prices prevail on the date of order and include everything except for: bottles ($1.00 each), labels (30 for $4.99) and decorative shrink caps (30 for $3.00).

What’s on sale?

Can I use any bottle?

Yes. We can fill any type of glass or plastic bottle, including disposable plastic bags that are available for purchase. Although we wash and sanitize your bottles prior to filing, it is extremely helpful that your bottles be clean. For the same reason you wash your dinnerware after each use, we suggest you rinse your bottle immediately after it’s empty. If not, the residual wine will attract insects and promote the growth of mold.

How long should I age my wine?

All the wines are drinkable immediately; however, they do improve significantly with age. In general, reds will age up nicely in three months while a white wine will do so after one month.

Can I sweeten my wine?

Yes. We can sweeten any wine to your specific taste at the time of bottling.

I want a red and white wine, can I make 15 bottles of each?

Unfortunately, each batch makes 30 bottles and batches cannot be split. The best solution is to find a friend and share two batches.

How much does each batch make?

Every batch makes 23 liters of wine or 30 – 750 ml bottles.

Can I sample the wine before I purchase it?

Unfortunately, legislation only allows a customer to sample their own finished wine. This is usually done just before bottling. We understand how concerning this restriction can be to a customer, and that’s why we offer an unconditional guarantee.

Can I buy a wine kit to make at home?

Yes. All of the kits come with excellent instructions and are available at a reduced take home price. We recommend that you call in advance to pre-order your take home kit.